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L.M. Bravo and Associates, Inc.

L.M. Bravo and Associates, Inc.


(305) 971-8522

L.M. Bravo and Associates offers people in our community a full range of insurance and financial products and services. Our top priority and responsibility is to educate, inform and empower our clients by delivering the most accurate, holistic and timely financial information available. A holistic approach involves helping our clients in discovering their financial needs and the developing of a comprehensive plan to address it. This process includes:

  • The understanding of clients' issues and objectives.
  • Working with a team of professionals to develop strategies and goals.
  • Implementing a plan of action.
  • Monitoring the results.

We are committed to provide a unique and personalized retirement, estate and business planning for individuals and businesses.

We have a commitment with our clients to keep ourselves current with critical issues in the area of our expertise. By doing this our clients feel informed and confident to make responsible choices regarding their own financial future.

Managing risk decisions and planning finances can be complex and confusing. We are a company where little things mean a lot. It does not matter what objective you may have, we will be there to help you. We create a long and lasting relationship with our clients.